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Driving Simulator Benefits

Benefits of teaching with a driving simulator!

Our voice controlled simulator offers beginner drivers “live through” real life consequences of driving distracted or impaired, teaches critical driving skills and the rules of the road without putting students in harms way.

With this tool the student will safely experience the dangerous situations of driving: impaired, distracted (e.g. texting), in snowstorms and in heavy fog as well as animal avoidance.

“Simulators have proven far more effective in the amount of retention of knowledge versus the conventional classroom teaching. Simulators can also create unique or dangerous situations in a manner that you could not or would not create behind-the-wheel of a real automobile. In other words, let your student have their first crash with us. When facing a dangerous situation in the real world, it is not as important what you know, but what you do. Simulation allows you to practice what to do if a dangerous situation should present itself, giving you the best possible chance of surviving or avoiding a crash.”

Source: www.driverinteractive.com

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